Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tunnel Vision without Walls….and REAL TALK.

Ma (Elaine Gary Green) & Me
Since my mother's passing February 11th, 2013, I find myself trusting myself to be me more. I see so many things through different eyes. I find myself believing, understanding and really living all the things she and I have either talked about, dreamed about or couldn't even fathom. I find myself becoming a stronger, better and wiser man. For that, I am proud of myself and grateful for those around me who keep me level headed and strong. Since opening PIPPIN on Broadway in 2013, Kendrell (my partner) and I have developed and created the 'SYLVESTER' Show to a whole new level. We have a Home Off-Broadway and we are SO EXCITED to be presenting MIGHTY REAL: A FABULOUS SYLVESTER MUSICAL to audiences for a limited engagement run (Sept 5 - Oct. 5, 2014). Opening night is Sept. 14th and I CANNOT WAIT! I am grateful for the opportunity and the experience. Also, to be doing this with my partner is beyond words.

What I'm about to say is Powerful and so True. I get that no one will ever understand the truth of our show and the work it takes everyday to create and build, but..….*real talk*…we are black men and we are doing this ourselves. We have learned and done so much, but no on REALLY understands what it's taken to get to this place with our show. Many friends have come and gone. Many have looked down upon it and say, "Oh, that's nice" or "Your little show has really gotten far", but if they only knew the impact the show has on many and the trials and tribulations it took to get to this point, they would only have a glimpse of understanding. It's no fun at all to have people look at you and say, "Oh, you're just the Chicken from PIPPIN" and think that's all you can do. I find myself looking at Lupita, Tyler, Oprah, Barack, Sidney, Hattie, Beyonce, Tina, Sammy, Gregory, Lena and all the other Black Trailblazers that have come before me and I'm encouraged, inspired and driven even more to know that they have been down this lonely road before where no one understands or cares. There is no road map to life while living as a black man in this day in age. Yes, slavery is over, but many still have it in their minds. Whether it's intentional or unintentional. Many believe that we can't do great things or shouldn't be doing great things. Truth is, we have to be excellent to be average. It's about being respected. Yes, there may be one or two blacks in a musical or movie (while there are many others who are the majority), but we are just as talented and have a right to be respected across the board. Some may say what about the other minorities. I say to them, most of them don't have the stigma of the history our ancestors had to deal with in this country to just survive day to day. I live and am reminded of it every time I look in the mirror. I carry the weight of them with me everyday. For that, I AM NOT ASHAMED.

I'm proud to stand strong in the man I am today and am Happy to shine my light everyday on that Broadway Stage no matter what. I represent every young man who every child who has or has had a dream to be on Broadway as I did and when I see someone who looks like me in the audience, I dance and sing to/for them so they can know they can fly and soar too, regardless. Now, as a producer, to know that I can write/produce GREAT work, employ talented actors/musicians  and celebrate the life of an Incredible individual (such as Sylvester); that's beyond words. For that, I stand proud and strong and know God wouldn't bring me this far to leave me…no matter what.

Anthony Wayne & Kendrell Bowman
I say all this because I am now in a place of opening up myself to allow life to encompass me. I refuse to be placed into a box and see life with blinders on. I'm allowing new and exciting things to come my way and as they do, I welcome them with no judgment, blame or expectation. Now, doing that is easier said than done, but doing that allows you to be the true you and others to be the true them. I am a blessed man with continuing love of my family, friends and partner. However, as time continues to tick along, I find myself understanding the strength of what I have comes from within. I don't know if you reading this believe in God, Jesus, Mary, Buddah, Universe or whom/whatever. I give much respect to EVERYONE'S religion and belief, but I do know that You have the power to do whatever you have to do for you already inside of you. No one will give it to you. No one will be there for you. No one will wait on you hand over foot for you to get it. No one will give you "time". You have to go out there and take it. You have to continue to be encouraged and true to yourself and know that no matter what, something is out there for you. You might not be able to touch it or see it right now, but you can trust, have faith and believe it will come. If you continue to keep moving forward, all will be revealed. Believe, Trust, Don't be Ashamed of You and know that You are More Than Enough.

Stay Encouraged….and come see "MIGHTY REAL". ;)



  1. I am truly moved by your words, Anthony. I am far removed from your experience as a black male, but we are joined by a love of all things good and positive - and a love of theater. If all you could do was what you do in Pippin, that would be extraordinary. But I happen to know that you can do much more, and I give you enormous credit for pursuing your dreams and making things happen for yourself. Last month, you stopped to speak to me after a matinee, across the street from the Music Box. You were gracious, warm, and friendly, and, after I asked about your new show, you reached into your bag and gave me a Fab Sylvester flyer to take with me. I really hope to get down from Maine to see you in it. You inspire me with your passion and dedication to do more, when you could just do your "day job" (that's an understatement) and still be a force. The right combination of talent, drive, and attitude rises to the top (humility is a nice feature, too!), and I'm lookin' up at you. Best wishes to you and Kendrell as you make this dream a reality.

  2. Beautiful tribute to a beautiful lady. She had reason to be proud of you as a performer and as a son.